Three charged in rash of church burglaries

The Pulaski County Sheriff's Department has made three arrests for a burglary and vandalism spree involving several churches.

Investigators say the arrests were made just before 3 Thursday afternoon. Deputies charged 27-year-old Kimberly Beth Flynn, 19-year-old Kyle Norling and 19-year-old John Lykins III with the break-ins at Sunrise Baptist Church on July 13, Hazeldell Church of Christ on July 13, and Ringgold Baptist Church on July 21.

Sunrise Baptist Church, which is one of six churches police say were hit, is a typical small country church. About 50 people attend services and many like Clinton Mullins have been going there for decades. In fact in 30 years, Mullins can’t ever remember the house of worship..being a victim of crime.

“Well it just makes me sick that someone would be low enough to break into a church,” said Mullins.

And not just once. He says after the burglars smashed through 6 different doors and stole more than 25 dollars in change they came back a second time and committed more mischief.

“It’s going to hit us pretty hard,” said Mullins.

Police say 6 different churches have been hit since June 23rd. The first one was Union Church of Christ where thieves also sprayed a fire extinguisher inside, and that act of vandalism was also repeated at another church earlier this week.

Many of the churches are small and rural.

Mullins says it’s going to cost several thousand dollars to replace the doors the thieves broke getting into the church.

“It’s hard to keep from being angry, but I would like to see them saved, and in church,” said Mullins.

Police say other churches reported electronics and small amounts of money being stolen. Many of the items were recovered including speakers, CD Recorder, laptop computer, first aid kits, printer, water hose and other smaller items.

John Lykins
Kimberly Flynn
Kyle Norling
Recovered items

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