Son charged with neglecting elderly mother

A man is facing charges after police say his mother was left in a filthy home with barely any food to get her through the day.

Vernon Harris is being held at the Fayette County Detention Center on a $10,000 bond.

He is accused of the serious neglect of his bed-ridden mother.

The investigation began on July 9, when paramedics were called to a house on Pasadena Drive, where Vernon lives with his elderly mother Roxie Harris, after she had apparently fallen out of bed.

When paramedics arrived, they say they found Roxie covered in her own feces, living in filth, and her bedroom crawling with insects.

Police soon got involved and according to the police report, they too found awful conditions inside the home, including a strong smell of urine and a large amount of trash.

The report states that Harris told detectives his mother had not had a bath since June and that she was left alone all day while he was at work, with just a banana to eat and a cloth to clean herself.

"There was human waste, food was rotten. It was just very bad conditions," Lt. Thomas Curtsinger, with the Lexington Police Department, said.

The report states that Roxie did not have bed sores or injuries, despite the living conditions, but that further investigation by police and social workers after the initial discovery earlier this month led to Vernon's arrest.

Harris is charged with neglect and will back in court later this month.

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