Work underway after roof collapse

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Clean-up efforts have continued in full force throughout Wednesday and Thursday as crews work to get the area in front of Radio Electronic Equipment Company safe again for the community.

The business has been around for generations, but now it's the site of wreckage.

"It looks like the building has been stabilized, but it makes you think had you been here at the time of initial collapse, it could have been a disaster," says Kevin Murphy,who lives nearby.

Murphy was among many in the neighborhood to stop by the building to see the extent of damages after the business's roof collapsed Wednesday morning, pouring water down from the top of the second floor to the first.

"It hasn't affected me in terms of traffic flow because I'm a block away, but I know people who have been coming and going through the neighborhood have been a little concerned about the street closure and blockage," says Murphy.

Code Enforcement has condemned the building, but engineers say it can be salvaged.

"Basically it was the first 30 feet of the roof that collapsed," says Chris Kelly, an engineer hired for the assessment. "The building's 135 feet long, so the remaining 100 feet of the roof wasn't really damaged from the collapse."

Kelly says most of the second floor also wasn't damaged.

The owner is now on the path to rebuild, and those living nearby say they're
happy to see the longtime business stick it out.

Engineers say the building is stabilized, but another round of storms could complicate things.

Skain at Indiana is expected to be closed for another week.

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