Conway & Paul debate in Louisville

From farms to fiscal policy, nothing was off the table as the two men who want to be Kentucky's next U.S. senator squared off in Louisville.

The Kentucky Farm Bureau held a forum to quiz the two on issues affecting Kentucky farmers.

Democrat Jack Conway immediately accused Republican Rand Paul of wanting to do away with the Department of Agriculture.

"He's on record saying he'd end farm subsidy programs," Conway said.

"I don't think I've ever said I was for getting rid of the Department of Agriculture. If I did that's not my position, but I don't think I've ever said that," Paul said.

Conway also talked about why he thought healthcare reform was a step in the right direction. Paul called it a disaster. Both tried to label the other as wrong for Kentucky.

"I think people in Kentucky are conservative, democrat, independent, republican -- they're socially conservative he's not. They're fiscally conservative and he may or may not be but the national party is not," Paul said.

"This is no time for a risky senator. This is no time for a rhetoric that's extreme. It's time for a senator who will put Kentucky first," Conway said.

Paul recently challenged Conway to a series of six debates this fall across the state.

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