Elliott County family finds black bear in back yard

A Kentucky family says they were shocked to wake up and find a bear in their garage. There are pictures of the black bear fumbling through Marion and Darreline Lewis' trash in Elliott County this morning. Darreline Lewis says she walked out the door to find it just a few feet away, searching through their garage. This isn't the first time the couple have seen a bear on their property, but it is the closest they've ever come to one.

"We see deer, we see fox, we have some coyote pass through, but they're usually just passing through ... a turkey. But this black bear, that's different. It's not like a dog. We just felt threatened and I worry about our grandbaby," says Darreline Lewis.

The couple plan to move their trash cans to the other side of their property to prevent the bear from coming back for seconds.

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