Paul's father-in-law received $10,000 in subsidies

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul's campaign
acknowledged Friday that his in-laws had benefited from federal
farm subsidies that he has been criticizing in stump speeches.

The revelation brought accusations of hypocrisy from his
opponent's camp.

Paul, a tea party-backed Republican, has been critical of the
U.S. Department of Agriculture's farm subsidy program even though
his father-in-law received more than $10,000 in payments over 12

Paul has repeatedly pointed to the subsidy program as an example
of government waste, saying farmers shouldn't be paid not to grow
crops. He also criticized payments going to the estates of dead

A database of subsidy payments maintained by the Environmental
Working Group, a Washington-based organization that monitors the
nation's agricultural programs, shows Paul's father-in-law, Hilton
Ashby of Russellville, received annual allotments between 1996 and
2007. The amounts ranged from $382 to $996, totaling $10,276. The
database also shows a payment of nearly $1,600 in 1995 to the
estate of H.T. Ashby, Paul's late grand-father-in-law.

Campaign manager Jesse Benton acknowledged the payments on
Friday, saying Paul's call to end the subsidy program also applies
to relatives.

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