Shatners attend event at horse park

The red carpet was rolled out at the horse park today for breyerfest and of course, William and Elizabeth Shatner.

The 21st Annual Model Horse Collector's Festival and Horse Fair starred award-winning entertainment, all with a focus on giving back. Hundreds gathered at the horse park trying to catch a glimpse of the famous couple. The Shatner's galloped into the hearts of many at Breyerfest, not just showing off their beloved american standard "Old Glory," who was the feature horse and figurine this year, but also hoping to raise money for a new riding therapy program.

Elizabeth Shatner says for 30 years, she and her husband have helped raise millions for riding therapy programs through the Hollywood Charity Horse Show and now, she wants to see veterans get the same services in communities across the United States.

Elizabeth Shatner has been in town promoting her art featured in Artique and William Shatner has been filming a show you'll see on CBS this fall.

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