Update on school construction projects in Lexington

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The school year is back in session in just a couple of weeks, and this year, students and teachers at close to a dozen schools in Lexington will start the year to the sound of construction.

For Principal Greg Quenon this is always a busy time of year, but this year is extra hectic.

"We've got portables. 6th graders inside, 7th and 8th graders outside because they're more familiar."

Constructions crews arrived last week to begin an extensive, extreme makeover at Tates Creek Middle School.

"New media center, gym and cafeteria. New administrative buildings," says Quenon.

Tates Creek is one of eleven schools with current construction projects underway.

Construction just began at Tates Creek but at some schools, they are closer to completion.

At Cassidy and seven other schools, completion dates are set for the fall.

Chief operating officer Mary Wright says the latest construction reports show Russell Cave Elementary and Bryan Station Middle are set for completion in August.

Arlington Elementary should be done in September as should Lafayette stadium.

In Novemeber, Leestown Middle and Cassidy should be complete.

Principal Quenon is preparing for the long haul, but says this is a renovation well worth the wait.

"Its' the best tummy tuck and facelift you'll ever see at a school."

Yates Elementary, Tates Creek Middle, Keithshire and Locust Trace are all schools with recently started construction projects.

They all have completion dates set for the summer and fall of 2011.

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