27 Investigates Trash Can Fires

Ash covered debris, and belted plastic is all that's left of Shawn Karrick's Herbie Curbie.

It went up in flames, just feet away from her house while she was away from home.

Five times, she, a neighbor, or a passerby had to beat down flames and save her home.

After that, Karrick knew the fires were no coincidence she told police.
Karrick says she often fears she'll scared come home to a melted trash can, and burned down house, and is at the end of her rope.
27 NEWSFIRST contacted fire officials about this fire.

They say over the summer there have been several others.
In areas police patrols were upped and the fires died down.

Police in Winchester are also investigating similar cases of someone setting trash cans on fire.

Three Herbie Curbies were set on fire in the area of east Hickman street.

Investigators believe juveniles may be responsible.

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