Vandals target Lexington neighborhood

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It was a frustrating morning for people living in one Lexington neighborhood. Overnight, vandals used spray paint on several cars, and even one home, in the Masterson Station area. All the crimes centered around Jacquelyn Lane.

The vandals hit several cars and mailboxes around the neighborhood, but one town home got about the worst of it. The windows were broken, and there's graffiti on the side of the building. Police say that's where it all started, but the vandals didn't stop there.

Police say around 3:30 Tuesday morning, they were called to a residence on Jacquelyn Lane. The caller first thought someone was trying to break in, but turns out, the crook was vandalizing the side of the town home.

Not much later, several other neighbors woke up to find their property vandalized as well.

"My alarm clock went off about 4:40, I stumbled out of bed, and then I also heard someone knock at my door. And it just happened to be Lexington Police," says Jeremy Reynolds, who car was vandalized.

"Came out to leave this morning, and come around the van, and there it was on the side of the van," says Terry Holloway.

Other cars in the neighborhood were also spray painted with the graffiti. The vandals even covered mailboxes with the profanity.

"Shocked as usual to see something like that, because this is a very quiet neighborhood. You know, nothing like this happens," says Holloway.

Now, he's just working to clean off the mess left on his van, wondering who is behind it all.

"Hopefully it's nobody that lives here doing this. You know, hopefully it's somebody that just came in, being stupid."

"It's just ignorance, that's all. They have no appreciation for what other people try to work hard for," says Reynolds.

Lexington Police say if anyone has any information to contact them.

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