Restaurant closed following morning fire

The Hunan Chinese restaurant will be closed for at least the rest of the day after a delivery truck hit a low hanging power line, setting the back of the building on fire.

Fire crews got the call just before 9:30. A delivery truck coming from behind the restaurant got snagged on a power line. The live wire came down but the power was quickly shut off.

"Fortunately the breakers were tripped when he caught the lines. There was enough of an arc to start a small fire in the structure," said Battalion Chief Randy Gilliam

That fire was in a storage area of the building. No one was inside. The fire damage was minimal and contained to the storage room. The rest of the building did suffer smoke damage. Firefighters did have to cut a hole in the outside wall to gain access to the fire but they were able to put it out quickly.

A health inspector will have to give the restaurant clearance to reopen. That's standard procedure following a fire.

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