Former ABC Director Speaks To 27NEWSFIRST About Arrest

His job was to enforce the state's alcohol laws, but police say that's not what he did this weekend.

Chris Lilly is out of a job, accepting what he calls a bad decision, which placed him behind bars.

The former ABC Executive director spoke to 27 NEWSFIRST about his drunk driving arrest. Lilly spent only 9 months running the ABC office in Frankfort, but his 27 year career in state government is over due to one decision, one he wants someone else to learn from.

Lilly says it all started when he was watching the UK-Arkansas game with some friends Saturday night.

"I had been with some friends we watched the game," Lilly says.

Some including, Chris Lilly, downed a few drinks during the victory but it's what the Alcoholic Beverage Control's Executive Director did after the game which has him facing charges.

According to a police report a Nicholasville police officer spotted Lilly driving down U.S. 27 with one head light in Jessamine County. When the cop jumped behind the truck he noticed the Lilly was driving slow and weaving between lanes.

"I didn't feel like I was a danger on the road," Lilly said. But police say Lilly blew a point one-eight, twice the legal limit. " I'm just sorry," says Lilly.

He's remorseful for what landed him in the county jail with a DUI charge, a decision which has the entire state watching him.

Lilly says he made the decision to jump in his truck and drive down 27, a decision he regrets. Lilly also adds it's a decision that has nothing to do with the man who appointed him to the position just 9 months ago.

"This has nothing to do with Governor Fletcher. It's unfortunately many things have clouded this and now what's happening here is clouding it too," Lilly says.

The 51 year-old says if anything good can come from this he wants people to know the law applies to everyone. He also says, "don't make a mistake, don't mess up, don't underestimate what can happened to you if you do this, it's hard."

Lilly handed in his resignation verbally effective immediately. When last checked the cabinet was still waiting on that resignation, a resignation the state will accept.

When asked if this is an embarrassment, they had no further comment.
At the time of his arrest, police say Lilly's 15-year-old son was riding with him.

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