Judge reschedules Comair trial

LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) - A judge has rescheduled for next year a
trial to determine Comair's negligence in a 2006 plane crash in
Lexington that killed 49 people.
U.S. District Judge Karl Forester told The Associated Press
Thursday that he moved the trial to Feb. 1 because of a recent
death in his family. The trial was postponed last week.
A jury will decide whether Comair was so negligent in the crash
that the family of one of the victims should receive potentially
tens of millions of dollars in punitive damages.
Jamie Hebert, the widow of Comair 5191 victim Bryan Keith
Woodward, was awarded $7.1 million in compensatory damages and
$750,000 for pain and suffering during another trial last December.
A new jury will be seated for the punitive damages phase of the

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