Louisville Water Wants To Pump Water To Lexington (Updated)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) - Louisville Water Co. has filed papers seeking to help supply water to the Lexington area.

The Louisville utility plans to tell the Kentucky Public Service Commission that it can help Kentucky American Water Co. supply Lexington and surrounding counties with water by building an $88 million pipeline along Interstate 64.

Kentucky American, however, has filed its own plan with the PSC to build an additional water treatment plant and a second pipeline to bring Lexington more water from the Kentucky River.

Louisville Water contends its plan to supply as many as 30 million gallons a day could save Lexington customers $28 million to $66 million over 20 years.

Kentucky American disagrees with Louisville Water's savings figures, saying its $167 million project offers the better deal in the long run.

"We feel we have been acting on what has been a consensus project for a solution that was best suited for Central Kentucky," said Linda Bridwell, engineering manager for the Lexington-based water company.

Kentucky American, which serves more than 300,000 people, draws its water from the Kentucky River in Fayette County.

The company's proposal before the PSC involves tapping the Kentucky River on the Owen-Franklin county line

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