Buy Local, Eat Local

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Buy local, eat local. It's a win, win situation for folks in Central Kentucky and the trend is growing. Farmers' markets and corner stands are popping up everywhere. Eating 'Kentucky Proud' not only helps the environment but is also good for the economy and your health.

This time of year there's a wide variety of fruits and vegetables available and people are really taking advantage.

"I like home grown tomatoes and they're good at making BLTs and cottage cheese and tomatoes. And it's better than going to the grocery store," says local shopper Mike Gardner.

Some say food grown locally tastes better. One reason may be the shorter distance of travel from farm to table, which also cuts down on amount of fuel burned to transport the produce. That helps the environment and possibly your health.

"You can't help but feel you're making better nutritious choices and also just for the convenience alone. You don't have to fight traffic. You can pull in here and there's a great selection and you just know it doesn't have all the pesticides probably on it," says local shopper Bonnie Michaels.

The Farmers' Market boom is a sign people are being more conscious about what they're eating and feeding their families. Buying directly from the farmer also keeps your money right here in the commonwealth.

Saturday the Lexington Farmers' Market celebrates it's 35th anniversary with a day full of events. Booths will be open from 7a.m. to 3 p.m. downtown at Cheapside Park and parking is free.

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