Possible Motives in McCreary County Murder Case Emerge

For weeks police were mum on why Dustin Cordell may have shot his mother to death and severely wounded his father. But in a preliminary hearing that silence was broken.

Detective Doug Boyd testified that before shooting his parents, Cordell had snorted and injected 80 milligrams of oxycontin. What Cordell says he saw in his parents’ bedroom sounds like something out of a science fiction horror flick.

“Said he walked over to their bed, stood over them and he saw people on fire. He said he saw skulls on fire,” Detective Doug Boyd said during the Monday morning hearing.

“And he told me and Sheriff Skinner that the skulls were going to get him and his mom and dad. So he pulled the pistol out of his pocket and started shooting at the skulls.”

Police say Dustin's mother, Sandi died instantly, probably in her sleep. His father, Anthony survived a gunshot wound to the face.

During cross examination, Cordell's attorney asked if there was any other possible motive. Boyd said one based on speculation had to deal with greed.

“That Dustin was made aware, him and his sister, in the event of his death, that he and his sister stand to inherit a trust, a large amount of money,” Boyd said.

Judge Prewitt decided that there's overwhelming evidence and forwarded the case to a grand jury. And a request for bond was denied.

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