Church relocation delayed

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The future use of the Julia R. Ewan Elementary School remains up in the air.

"We all got what we wanted," says Fairway Neighborhood Association President Valerie Askren. "We need more time, and it's a huge decision."

Though members of the Vineyard Community Church were hoping to get a conditional use permit for the go ahead to move into the vacant school, in a turn of events, church leaders agreed to a delay at Friday's Lexington Board of Adjustment hearing.

"We decided the best thing to do was go the extra mile and not try to fight it," says Rev. Kevin Clark of the Vineyard Community Church. "Let's work through these issues because we want to be good neighbors."

Many in the Fairway neighborhood say the traffic impact is their main concern in turning the once school into a church. Church leaders say they have about 500 worshippers spread over three services.

"From a safety standpoint, it's a lot of traffic and a lot of parking for an old historic neighborhood to absorb," says Askren.

Some in the neighborhood around the Henry Clay Boulevard have openly been opposed to the church's move, with signs posted in their yards.

But others say they're just hoping for an amicable solution.

"It's not an us versus them thing," says Clark. "Our hope is ourselves and the neighborhood can really come to terms and find some common ground here."

The hearing for the conditional use permit will now be held at the next regular Board of Adjustment meeting on August 27.

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