After being denied, fallen Lexington police officer may soon have street named in his honor

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A committee that denied a change in street name for officer Bryan Durman may soon reconsider the decision at the request of Lexington Mayor Jim Newberry.

Its been three months since Lexington police officer Bryan Durman was killed in a hit and run while on duty.

His wife Brandy Durman says,"I understand it has been three months and its easy for people who don't look at his picture everyday to forget."

Friday at the Bluegrass Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Brandy got one more lasting reminder of her husband and her four year old son, an engraved bench in front of Durman's final resting place.

Durman says, "I'm out here at least every other day, me and my son come here to feed the ducks. He calls it Daddy's pond."

Durman is hopeful that her family will get one lasting tribute;. the street leading to Central Sector roll call, a street Durman drove to work on everyday, changed from Hilo Street to Durman Drive.

The request went before the Address Committee earlier in July but was denied, in fact Durman says no one voted for the street name change.

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