Several Local Business Burglarized

Dozens of Lexington businesses were broken into over the weekend, and police don't know who's responsible.

The rash of burglaries happened in the Southland drive and regency road areas.

Among the stores targeted are the Goodyear, National Tire and Battery and Winter Wonderland.

The crook or crooks got into each business by smashing out glass doors.

In each case the suspects went for cash--but when they couldn't find that they stole, or damaged whatever was in plain view.

Area business owners say this weekend's events are going change the way they do business.

Police are actively investigating this string of robberies.

As to when an arrest will be made authorities cannot say.
Police do not have a suspect description.

The only thing they do think is related to the case is a white 4 door sedan driving in the area near the time of the crimes.

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