Six-hour standoff ends in Lexington neighborhood

A Lexington man is now behind bars, after barricading himself in his home during a standoff lasting hours this morning.

Police went to 29-year-old James Lee Vance's home on Della Dr. after someone called reporting gun shots. It was several hours later before Vance was taken to jail.

police spent much of the morning surrounding this home ... Because the man barricaded himself inside. Once he surrendered and police searched the home, they confiscated everything from firearms to a snake!

29-year-old James Lee Vance sits on his front porch steps, in handcuffs, as police come out of his home, seizing many of his belongings.

The search comes after police initially were called to the Della Dr. home around 1:00 Monday morning because of gun shots being fired.

But once they got there, it would be hours before they could arrest Vance.

"The officers did witness a male subject outside with a long rifle. We tried to make contact with him. The subject ran back inside, locked the door, barricaded himself in, refused to come out," says Commander Dwayne Holeman with Lexington Police.

All of the commotion had neighbors wondering just what was going on.

"It was just chaos, there were police officers running up and down the street with shotguns and then we saw the swat van go down," says Mary Isaacs, a neighbor.

Vance finally surrendered to officers, about six hours later.

Investigators searched his home, discovering several guns, and even a snake, which animal control took away.

As the search concluded and police escorted Vance to the paddy wagon, he says he didn't know who it was knocking on his door earlier.

"I didn't realize the swat team was outside," Vance says.

Police also arrested another man earlier in the morning who was in the home. They say his charges are not related to Vance's.

Neighbors we talked to on Della Dr. say this is not the first time there have been problems.

Police say Vance had several warrants for his arrest, some dating back to 2003. They include drug, assault and burglary charges.

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