Crews working oil spill getting ready to begin plugging well for good

The Associated Press
Vessels gather at the Deepwater Horizon oil spill site over the Gulf of Mexico off the Louisiana coast Tuesday.

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - BP says it will start shoving mud and maybe
cement into the blown-out oil well in the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday
in what could be one of the final steps to plug it for good.
BP PLC Senior Vice President Kent Wells said Monday that crews
will likely start the so-called "static kill" attempt Tuesday if
tests Monday determine the well can withstand the mud.
There's no guarantee of success, and engineers still plan to
follow it up days later with a similar procedure through relief
wells they've been digging for months.
But the oil giant's engineers and petroleum experts say it's the
clearest path yet to choke the blown-out well and make it even
easier for the crews digging the relief well to ensure oil can
never again erupt from the mile-deep well.

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