Woman who served as crime victim advocate found shot to death

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An investigation is underway after a woman was found shot to death inside a truck.

Frankfort Police were called to a parking lot next to Harrod Brothers Funeral Home, on Washington Street, around 7:30 on Monday morning.

They say they found the victim, 37-year-old Tomma Graves of Frankfort, dead inside a white Chevrolet pickup parked in that lot.

So far, police are calling this a death investigation. The Franklin County coroner tells us the victim suffered multiple gunshot wounds. The coroner, Will Harrod, says he is calling this a homicide investigation.

"Really what we'd say at this time would be speculation," Major Fred Deaton of Frankfort Police said. "Our guys are processing for whatever physical evidence there might be. Once they complete that we can also be more definitive on the vehicle."

Witnesses say the truck may have been in the parking lot for several days. The parking lot is located just a block from where Graves works.

"I saw the truck that had been sitting there for a few days and the window was down and looked like it was shattered," says Lori Lail who discovered the body with a man painting at a home nearby.

Graves has been working as a crime victim advocate in Franklin County since 2007. Franklin County Attorney Rick Sparks works in the same office with Tomma Graves and said she was an asset to the community.

"She was my right hand in domestic violence cases. She walked and assisted folks who had been involved in violent cases through the court system," says Rick Sparks.

Sparks says Tomma Graves enjoyed helping the community.

"She really helped me to do my job to keep people safe in Franklin County to keep people who are victims of crime safe," says Rick Sparks.

As police continue to investigate the coroner is calling it a homicide investigation.

"She was a good friend and a good colleague. I came in this morning and found out and me and all my staff were heartbroken and I'm praying for her family, her kids, and I'm gonna let the police do their job," says Rick Sparks.

Family members describe Graves as a loving mother and say their biggest concern right now are her son and daughter, who are 7 and 9. They say there are family members heading from Georgia to Kentucky right now to mourn her loss and try to help her mother.

The body of Tomma Graves has been taken to the state medical examiners office for an autopsy.

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