FEMA Looks At Flood Damage in Berea

FEMA agents spent their time in Berea going through homes, talking with those most affected by last week's flooding. Michael Wherry says the water washed into his home, about ankle deep. It was enough to ruin his carpets and leave him scrambling to save furniture.

"Couches, tables, mattresses, electrical appliances and what not got destroyed. Up under the carpet you've got this foam stuff that starts to immediately smell because of the rainwater that seeps in through the house," says Wherry.

"Document the damage to your home. Take pictures. You certainly can start to clean up," says Gene Kauffman with FEMA.

FEMA workers are checking on both individual and public property, trying to come up with a number to put behind the damage.

"A summer report will go to the governor. The governor will use that report to determine whether he will apply for assistance," says Kauffman.

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