A conversation with Ky. duo, Sundy Best

Lexington, Ky. (WKYT)-There is a new musical act sweeping the state, you won't hear them on the radio right now, but if you are on social media chances are you have run across someone talking about Sundy Best.

The duo got their start in Lexington, but its their life growing up in eastern Kentucky that fueled their musical dreams.

WKYT's Amber Philpott sits down with the guys of Sundy Best to talk about life on the road and going from the mountains to the big time.

Every musician who plays the bar scene hopes to one day make it big.

Over the years Redmonds in downtown Lexington has seen its share of live musicians, including a couple of guys, better known as Sundy Best.

"Three years ago we started playing down here. It seems like it was ten years ago to us, but really that is a pretty short amount of time. This place has been good to us," said Kris Bentley of Sundy Best.

Bentley and Nick Jamerson are lifelong friends.

This year has been crazy to say the least for this rising duo, their song "Home" has become an anthem for many.

Earlier this year it landed them a trip to the CMT Awards and has had them traveling the country.

Their sound is all their own, just Nick on guitar and Kris his beat box, its what makes them unique.

Sundy Best has started what they call a "kinfolk" movement, their fans are the ones that have helped push their music and spread the word.

The road though, to becoming Sundy Best and who they are now, starts on the Mountain Parkway.

The parkway is the road that leads these two country boys home to Prestonsburg and their musical roots.

"We started a lot of our music in church, it was really our only outlet for us to play. That was a pretty important part of our life growing up, church was a big deal. I played drums at church all through school," said Bentley.

Before becoming rising musicians, Nick and Kris were standout athletes.

Kris played basketball at Centre and Nick football for Pikeville, but it was after college the music came calling again and the two teamed up.

Their days of playing the bar scene paid off when the video to "Home" was featured on CMT's 12 Pack Countdown, debuting at number one.

Since then these two self proclaimed boys from the mountains have put 19,000 miles on their van hitting city after city taking their own mix of country, rock, bluegrass and soul to anyone who will listen.

"We wrote that around the time we started playing down here because we were struggling with living here and not really doing what we wanted to do all the time. I don't know everything just kind of happened all at once," said Nick Jamerson.

They write what they know, their road right now is going wherever they want.

"It was organically starting to pick up anyway with the quality of songs we felt like we were putting out there," said Jamerson.

For the guys of Sundy Best they know the Mountain Parkway for them will always lead them home no matter where this crazy` ride takes them and they also know home is always in Lexington at Redmonds.

Both Bentley and Jamerson agree the downtown bar is a calming place and will always be the place they come back to play.

University of Kentucky fans headed down to Nashville this weekend to see the Cats can also see Sundy Best after the game that night at Wildhorse Saloon.

Sundy Best will re-release their album Door Without a Screen Tuesday, the album with have seven new songs on it.

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