A big change arrives this weekend

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A few more showers and storms will likely develop during the afternoon and evening hours today. Much like Thursday, some of these could produce some heavier amounts of rain. The biggest difference between Thursday and Friday will be the coverage.

The best chances to see showers and thunderstorms won't arrive until a cold front slips into the area on Saturday. This is when we'll see widespread showers and thunderstorms. It's a big weekend with several events going on all across Kentucky. From festivals to football... there are numerous outdoor activities. Some of the rain that passes through the area has the potential to become heavy at times. A few of the thunderstorms could be on the strong side too.

For all of you heading out to Commonwealth Stadium, especially for tailgating, be sure to bring your poncho. Yesterday, I mentioned a "Poncho Advisory" today I am upgrading that to a "Poncho Warning" because you will need it for at least part of your time there. That doesn't mean you will need it all day though.

The end result means we see a significant drop in humidity and temperatures as we move into Sunday. That's when the comfortable stuff arrives for everyone across Kentucky. It will feel like we want Fall to feel like.

Temperatures won't get out-of-hand next week. They'll remain in the low and mid 80s. Numerous chances of showers and thunderstorms will return to the area.

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