A closer look at the Christina Marcum verdict

MADISON COUNTY, Ky (WKYT) - WKYT had some questions regarding the guilty verdict jurors handed down in the murder trial of Christina Marcum. So, we asked someone very familiar with Kentucky law.

Commonwealth's Attorney for Fayette County, Ray Larson, sat down with us to help us better define the crime Christina Marcum was found guilty of, and Jason Singleton pleaded guilty to.

"You're question is, well, who committed the murder? Because both are found guilty of complicity," said Larson.

When Jason Singleton pleaded guilty to his role in the 2011 murder of his wife, Angela Frazier-Singleton, he submitted a formal letter stating Christina Marcum was the one who actually killed her.

"It's not unusual for one defendant to say, look I was there, but I didn't do it...that guy did. And the other one to say, no, no, no...I was there, but he did it," Larson said.

But Larson says Kentucky law anticipates that kind of situation and allows for jurors to hand down what they see as an appropriate punishment.

"The jury doesn't have to decide who was the main person and the person that was the accomplice. They can find them guilty of complicity. And that's apparently what they did," explained Larson.

Larson says he followed the case closely, as most prosecutors do.

"David Smith's office did a magnificent job prosecuting this case. And Jennifer Smith did a hell of a job," Larson commented.

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