A dog, a farmer and their labor of love

Paris, KY. (WKYT)- On a cold and messy Valentine's Day we have a special love story to warm your heart, but it may not be what you are thinking.

WKYT's Amber Philpott has the story of a dog, his farmer and their labor of love.

We were in search of a love story for Valentine's Day and we were inspired by the recent Budweiser Super Bowl advertisement featuring a puppy and his love for a horse.

Here in horse country we were sure a similar story must exist.

What we got, was Henry!

Henry has wobbled through the pastures at Shawhan Place breeding farm in Paris for seven years.

"Henry loves to eat, its maybe his biggest vice. We weigh all the young horses every month and Henry has to get on the scale, its embarrassing," said Matthew Koch, the owner of Shawhan Place.

Koch has been Henry's right hand man for all that time.

Koch was is former Marine who decided, after returning from Afghanistan, the quiet of a horse farm was just what he needed.

" We had seven mares that we boarded and now our current population is about 120. Even though its named Shawhan, we call it Shawshank. Its more like a prison sentence sometimes, you never leave during the breeding season," said Koch.

Many late nights, lots of foals and waiting for them all is Henry!

"Never misses, if I'm up he's coming out the door. He comes in and sits right there, he is the first one to greet the foal into the world."

Koch says right away he noticed that Henry has a thing for all babies of all species, human, horses, calves it doesn't matter. He says Henry loves his babies.

Henry also looks after sick calves too, so after seeing the love this boxer had to offer, we wanted to see it in person.

We expected to find him nuzzled up with the babies, right?

We realized as Koch so desperately tried to get Henry to show us his love for the horses ,that the true love story was really right in front of us!

"He has to listen to me, if we are riding in the truck or in the foaling barn. He has to listen to my tirades, he is really like a farm manager psychiatrist. He has to sit there and listen to me go through all the ups and downs," said Koch.

Some love stories are just made for TV, but some are a little more stubborn to tell.

We found that on a farm that makes a living on love, okay breeding that the tightest bond is still man and his best friend.

"My dog never does anything wrong, he is a good dog."

While Henry works hard on the farm along side of Koch tending to the new foals, we are told he really loves snow days when his two human siblings are home from school.

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