Brand new work week means more heat

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Our Sunday ended up being s pretty decent day. Highs maxed out around 86 with only some cloud cover. The humidity was a little more noticeable out there as well. The humidity will become the bigger story as we head into the new week.

That moisture will also lead to more rain chances this week. We'll see a few rain chances during the final week of August. Not only will we see rain, but the heat builds in full force this week. That means highs will climb to around 90 degrees. While the forecast will read 88 or 89 for highs, the heat index will cross the 90 degree line. I suspect heat indices will hover in the low and mid 90s outside of showers and storms.

The rain chances aren't off the charts, however, if anything gets going could produce some heavy rains. There is even a possibility of some stronger activity in the area.

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