A few dips for the work week

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The snow ended early on Monday morning for the majority of the area. Now we'll get another taste of some springlike conditions. The March roller coaster will continue, but only with a few small dips this week.

It's an all clear and pleasant forecast for Tuesday. This day will feature sunshine and very nice temps. It looks like we make a solid run at the upper 50s and maybe even the low 60s in some cases. Tuesday will be weather - worry free.

The first dip in the forecast will come on Wednesday as another cold front will sweep into the area from the northwest. This front will have just enough energy to fire off a few showers as it passes through. Daytime highs before the front arrives could climb well into the 50s and even the low 60s in some areas. Those temps will quickly be replaced by some cooler air late that night and into Thursday.

Another system will be setting its site on Kentucky for late Friday and into Saturday. Just like the Wednesday system, the air in front of it will be very warm. There's a really good chance we are all in the 60s and maybe even a few upper 60s as well. There's a cold front associated with it though. That means rain likely for Saturday and some much cooler air for Sunday and even into next Monday. This set-up even suggests we fire off a few storms with the passing of the front.

Enjoy the sunshine and the milder temps. It'll be a back and forth battle this week. Luckily, it's just a few battles and not the true war of winter.

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