A few showers for Friday evening

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A few showers will be sweeping through the area later today. The showers won't be widespread. It's more of an isolated chance of shower activity for most folks. Keep in mind that we still have some high school football action expected during the evening hours. So some fans might have a cool shower pass through during the game.

Now let's look towards the weekend. A few more isolated showers will be out there during the afternoon on Saturday. You will also feel some much warmer air in place around here. Highs are expected to climb into the mid 60s. Those temps will be driven by a strong southerly wind. That same wind will get much stronger on Sunday.

Another potent cold front will roll across Kentucky on Sunday evening. Long before the front ever sweeps in with some strong storms, we will see winds whip up to around 40mph or higher. Once the cold front is dragged into Kentucky, it will begin a process of showers, storms, and wicked winds. Once again making a big change in temps will arrive once the front exits. Highs will topple from near 70 on Sunday down to 40 by Monday.

Meteorologist Jim Caldwell

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