Teenager hit by car while trying to cross New Circle Road

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - It's the type of accident you don't hear about too often on New Circle Road, a car hitting a person.

"Not on the limited access portion, correct," answered Lt. Chris Young of the Lexington Police Department. "Limited access is basically the portion from Richmond Road and around Leestown and Georgetown. You're not supposed to be walking on any part of this roadway."

Tuesday evening, around 6:30, police say a teenage boy was crossing New Circle Road, just past the Harrodsburg entrance on the inner loop, when he was hit by this car in the left lane.

"We had numerous calls at just about the same time. We had a number of 'Good Samaritans' stop to assist, nurses and doctors, retired police officers from other agencies," described Lt. Young.

At this time, WKYT is not using the teen's name because police have not released it, but the teen's grandmother tells us that he's 16 years old and lives in the area. The victim's aunt added that the teen was crossing the road to get to his father's workplace. Police say the victim's injuries are serious.

"Anytime you have a collision of this magnitude with a pedestrian and these speeds they treat it as such. I just know it's very serious," said Lt. Young.

The victim's aunt reported that the teen was awake at U.K. Hospital, but has a broken shoulder, broken wrist,and a broken ankle, along with cuts to his face. She said the doctors were screening him for internal injuries.

Police collected witness statements and evidence from the scene in an effort to learn just what went wrong on the loop, but they have not released their report. They did say that the driver was also taken to the hospital to be checked out, but the injuries did not appear to be serious.

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