Bench missing from grave returned to Corbin family

CORBIN, Ky. (WKYT) - A mother gets something very dear to her heart back, but her searching for justice isn't over.

Jodie Nelson says someone stole a bench from her son's grave in Corbin last week. She has the bench back now, but she wants police to find the person who took it.

Nelson says, "God sent me an angel to find that for me."

Relief and gratefulness after a weekend of anguish for Nelson and her family. A memorial bench was taken from the Florence Cemetery in Corbin. It's a symbol of her son's life and their life as a family.

Nelson says, "Alonzo was a hunter and when I saw it, I mean, that bench was just him."

As the Nelson family wondered who would do this, Tammy Bargo was visiting her father's grave at a nearby cemetery.

"And I saw it," Bargo says, "and remembered your (WKYT's) newscast and said that's the woman's bench!"

Nelson received a call from Bargo saying she'd found the bench. After a confirmation via Facebook, the two women met.

"I just ran and hugged her," Nelson says.

"I had to call," Bargo says, "I mean, it was the right thing to do."

Nelson still isn't sure who took the bench of why, but police are still investigating and looking to the community to offer any leads. Tammy Bargo says she's just glad she could help. The Nelson family plans to re-cement the bench into place sometime this week.

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