A more comfortable pattern

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A frontal boundary finally slipped through the area. With its passing we'll see the skies clear and some comfortable air replace the muggy air that we have had in our faces recently. This change didn't come without a price. Strong and severe thunderstorms passed through the area to give us this refreshing airmass.

I think most of us stay dry for at least a couple of days. However, some moisture will be lingering just to our south. Extreme southern sections of Kentucky could see a few more showers on Friday and even Saturday. These showers will not be widespread and only impact a small part of the area.

Humidity levels have dropped and will remain much lower as we move forward to the weekend. When you group those levels with temps in the upper 70s you find a very nice run in the weather department. That's all you need!

The same front will be in position just to our south. As long as it hangs out... extreme southern Kentucky will have a few showers around. That sets up your Sunday. A wave of energy will come rolling in from our west and that is what brings showers and storms to our area. Once the rain begins on Sunday, we'll have a steady chance through the week.

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