A new Lexington restaurant's unique invites cause a scare

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - It's supposed to convince people to try a new restaurant opening soon in Lexington. But one form of advertising actually scared some people and left police frustrated.

The package has been delivered to several homes around Lexington throughout the last two days.

But some people couldn't tell where it came from, so they called police to check it out.

It was just an invitation to a private party from a new Lexington restaurant, but a couple people took it as a possible threat.

"We really want the public to know that the restaurant has intentionally sent these," said Lt. Chris Young, with the Lexington Police Department.

Lee Greer, the owner of Coba Cocina, showed us one of the invitations. He says it's essentially a message in a bottle and the substance inside is sand.

"We're a new restaurant in town doing something special for a bunch of special friends in the community, and we thought we'd do something fun and exciting and send a kind of fun invitation," said Greer.

The misunderstanding came with the unmarked package.

With no return address, two people invited were concerned and didn't want to open it. That, of course, was not the restaurant's intention.

"I certainly would hate to think that we caused anybody concern," said Greer. "If there was, we are absolutely sorry about that."

Nevertheless, police investigated and hope to put the mystery behind this package to rest.

"It was not any type of device or explosive or anything other than just a marketing tool," said Lt. Young.

"It's a neat little story here and the invitation is on the other side. It's just sand and and seashells purchased here locally at Hobby Lobby in Brannon Crossing," said Greer.

The owner also tells us they have gotten lots of positive feedback on the invitations.

Coba Cocina on Richmond Road is officially open on Monday .

We're told the restaurant sent out 700 invitations to people throughout Lexington.

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