A stormy pattern is coming together

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Another fantastic day is in the books! Saturday was a very delightful day for many across Kentucky. Moving forward it looks like we'll lose the touch of comfort that we have gotten used to these past few days.

Heat and some humidity will return for Sunday. Most of of you will only notice the heat more than anything else. Humidity levels will take a very slow climb Sunday. A frontal boundary will be knocking on our door by late Sunday night. With it being so close we will begin seeing some clouds stream into the skies.

The front will slowly dip into parts of Kentucky on Monday. With a little more moisture moving in... we'll have a better chance of seeing showers and thunderstorms. These will become more numerous during the afternoon and evening hours.

Our rain chances will continue through most of the week. Rain chances from Monday to about Wednesday will be caused by the same cold front. As I mentioned... it just dips into Kentucky Monday. But it will also hangout very close to us through midweek. This keeps rounds of storms coming. Some of those could produce very heavy rainfall as well.

We will keep a close eye on the rounds of storms for you!

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