A tale of two seasons for Sunday

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The final hours of our mild temperatures are upon us. A cold front will move through during the afternoon and evening hours on Sunday. This will trigger some rain and even some snow.

There's enough cold air situated behind this system to break out more snow across Kentucky. I think the timing for the change from rain to snow will happen between 8pm and midnight for Lexington. Much later for southern and eastern Kentucky.

Temperatures across Kentucky will also be pretty wild. There will be a time when we'll have 30s in the north and 60s in the south. Lexington falls in between with temps running in the low 50s when that set-up takes place. Luckily, the atmosphere doesn't support any strong storms. That type of energy just isn't there.

Once the cold air arrives, it will be with us for a while. Especially, when we look at temps for midweek. Another shot of Arctic air will dive in for Wednesday. That could be the same time we see some wintry weather try to develop.

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