A touch of winter for Sunday

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Many got the opportunity to enjoy a nice springlike Saturday. So the mere thought that winter will make another appearance makes many folks want to cringe. Now is the time to start your cringing!

A colder air mass will sink into Kentucky during the overnight hours tonight. The colder air will be joined by some moisture that will sweep across Tennessee. The primary zone to see these two elements get together will be along the Kentucky/Tennessee line. That means early on Sunday morning could feature some rain and even some flakes. Not everyone will see this chance. Along the Hal Rogers and Cumberland Parkways will be the highlighted spots.

The cool air won't budge very much at all. It likely hangs out for a few more days. That helps set the stage for another round of wintry weather on Tuesday. This system is expected to become a more potent system and roll up the east coast of the United States next week. Yes, we could see some accumulation from that system!

Have an awesome weekend!