A warm end to April

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We have a nice warm up pushing into the state for the next few days. This will take our temps toward the 80 degree mark. The big question of the week… will the good stuff be able to flex some muscle and hang around into Derby Weekend? It may not go without a fight.

Wednesday looks even better than today with low 80s for highs and sunshine hanging around.

We start to see some changes showing up by Thursday as scattered showers and thunderstorms develop… especially in the west. Temps may still hang around 80 degrees.

The bowling ball area of low pressure across the plains continues to be the pain in the side to forecasters around here and across much of the country. These things have a mind of their own and are tough for the models to figure out until a day or two before. The newest runs of the models are a bit farther west with where this low sets up. Still… that would be a moist flow across our part of the world.

That's something we will continue to watch.