A wet Run for the Roses and a temperature crash

Alex Hayes
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Talk about a wild day for weather across the Commonwealth! We are starting the day on a mild note, with temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. Swing toward the west, it’s much cooler with lows in the mid to lower 40s. That’s a sign of things to come later this afternoon.

The big story today, when will the rain arrive to Churchill Downs… A wall of water is marching northeast, moving painstakingly slow with heavy downpours and a few rumbles of thunder. A few isolated showers ahead of the main line will start to pop up early this afternoon, between noon and 3pm, then right as the main attraction gets underway in Louisville, the heaviest rain will be creeping in between 3pm to 4pm.

For Lexington and the rest of the Bluegrass, the rain will take a little longer to arrive, but not much. Clouds will stick around most of the day, as temperatures stay on the warmer side. The good news is the heaviest rain looks to stay mainly in the south, but a few spotty showers are likely late this afternoon and evening.

In south central Kentucky, some of the same spots that picked up over an inch of rain last weekend, are under the gun once again. The biggest threat for flooding stretches from Bowling Green to Somerset where a Flood Watch is in effect until Monday morning. Some folks could pick up anywhere from 1.5” to 2” of rain, with isolated pockets of 3”+ not out of the question.

As the rain moves through, temperatures will take a 5-10 degree drop. To the east thermometers will be in the 60s, to the west most areas will not get out of the mid to lower 50s.

More showers are likely Sunday, especially for south central and western zones, with only a few light showers to the east and north. The soggy trend sticks around until mid week, as temperatures finally recover, climbing back into the 70s by Wednesday.

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