A house divided - UK, U of L fans under one roof

The University of Kentucky versus University of Louisville game is dividing many families across the Bluegrass. It's not uncommon to find a home with both Cats and Cards fans, but how about a family of thirteen?

WKYT found just that in Lawrenceburg - family members cheering for opposite teams this weekend.

Yvette and James Martin have four children. Their two sons and one daughter are Cards fans. Their other daughter is a Wildcat fan, like the Martins.

"I just try and keep the peace," joked Yvette Martin.

Her family has never watched a UK versus University of Louisville game together, until now. This Saturday, they plan to watch the game at the Martin's home in Lawrenceburg.

"I try not to get too competitive about it you know. It's a tournament. Anything can happen at this point," explains son-in-law Scott Graham, a UK fan.

All the siblings describe game days as loud and fun times in their home. They expect the game to be a close one, and their picks on the winner are just as divided as their teams.

The Martins will be watching the game on WKYT Saturday.

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