Accident cleanup shuts part of I-75 down

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SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Traffic was slow going much of the morning in northern Scott county because of this tractor trailer accident on the south bound side.

Vehicles creeped by mile marker 138 trying to catch a glimpse of what was slowing their travels.

The right two lanes had to be shut down so crews could work to get the semi that was hauling not one, but two trailers off the hillside.
One of the difficulties here other than the proximity to the still moving one lane of traffic, is the trucks fuel.

A cleanup crew was brought in to help in that effort, and was on site for several hours cleaning up fuel that spilled from a punctured fuel tank.

Scott County's Emergency Management Director Jack Donovan told WKYT he spoke to the driver of the truck, who told Donovan he lost control of the truck on a bridge.

"They're driving too fast, they're changing lanes, which is a dangerous thing to do when you're traveling on this type of road," said Donovan.

We're told the driver was not injured, and also that the truck was hauling small packages, some of them no doubt bound to be Christmas presents. They're working to get those back on track as well.

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