Accident involving LexTran bus sends four people to the hospital

LEXINGTON, Ky (WKYT) - An accident involving a LexTran bus and a SUV sent four people to the hospital.

Lexington police say the bus was stopped at a red light at Fourth Street and Upper when a man driving a Ford Explorer slammed into the back of it.

"At this point we're not sure if the driver of the Explorer had a medical condition or what were the events leading to the accident," said Major Daniel Bellot with the Lexington Fire Department.

One of the people who was on the bus said the impact was so forceful it knocked everyone out of their seats.

The driver of the Explorer was rushed to the hospital. Firefighters still aren't sure of his condition but as they made their way through the bus filled with people they discovered he wasn't the only one injured.

They transported the driver of the bus and two other people on it to the hospital to be checked out.

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