2 rushed to hospital after salt truck and 18-wheeler collide

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ANDERSON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Joyce Henry says they woke up at 6 am to make the long drive from Clarksville, Tennessee to Lexington for the University of Kentucky basketball game.

"We're not going to miss it, no little snow is enough to stop us," she said.

We found her sitting in a long line of cars backed up near mile marker 52 on the Bluegrass Parkway.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet officials say the slippery roads caused a salt truck and 18-wheeler to collide.

"The salt truck ended upside down dumping its load, the other truck ended up hitting the concrete part of the bridge," said incident management coordinator for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Shane Ratliff.

Lawrenceburg police say two men were rushed to the hospital, there's no word yet on how seriously their hurt.

EPA officials say after the trucks crashed they started leaking fuel.

EPA officials say because the crash happened on a bridge they were able to trap the fuel before it could spill into a nearby creek.

As the cleanup stretched from 6 am until noon, the wait for drivers stretched on too.

"Normally it would be about three and a half hour drive, today it'll be four and a half to five," said Mac Lacy who was also driving to the UK game.

Henry said, "My drive normally would be an hour and 10 minutes. Now it's looking like two and a half."

But instead of getting impatient Henry says she’s getting excited.

"If cleaning this up takes any longer we're going to have to ask them to hold the game until we get there," she said.

Proving that no matter how bad the roads get or how far they have to go or how long they have to wait, next to nothing will keep UK fans from cheering on the Cats.

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