I-75 southbound in Lexington is back open after nearly 12 hours

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LEXINGTON, Ky (WKYT) - Almost twelve hours after a crash involving a semi, I-75 is back open to traffic.

Road crews up-righted and removed a wrecked semi just before nine Tuesday morning. "It took a long time but that is because work crews have to be thorough in situations like this," explains Battalion Chief Ed Davis. "When you're dealing with scrap metal or objects such as that you can't risk anything. If someone drives over that at a high rate of speed that could get killed or kill someone else."

According to police, it all started after a Cadillac hit a truck in the center lane around 9 p.m. Wednesday. The truck moved to the shoulder but the car stayed in the road.

That's when a semi crashed into the car and went rolling off onto the right shoulder.

Police say it is loaded down with scrap aluminum. Crews had to unload it before moving the rolled over trailer. "it's gravity, I mean you can't upright a truck that is full of metal, you have to unload it first. Drivers need to understand that we were taking extra precaution cause we want to make sure our roads are safe, we don't want to risk anyone's safety or life."

Initially the driver of the Cadillac was missing, but police now say he left the scene with his wife to head to a hospital. He complained of a fractured rib. None of the other drivers have any major injuries.

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