Accused Montgomery County thief speaks on string of thefts

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MT. STERLING, Ky. (WKYT) - Two brothers face charges for a string of thefts across four counties. Police say Glen and Doug Copher are behind at least a dozen thefts, most of them in Montgomery County.

Sheriff Fred Shortridge tells WKYT his office targeted the brothers after a stolen item was found in a local pawn shop. Their investigation lead them to find a massive amount of stolen goods, some from Fayette, Fleming, and Bath counties.

Doug Copher spoke on Monday from inside the the Montgomery County Regional Jail. He says they never stole anything from outside Montgomery County, only admitting to the local thefts.

"We got laid off from our job and unemployment wasn't good enough. We just got bad off on drugs," Copher said.

Copher and his brother pleaded not guilty to their charges last week. The brothers will now go in front of a grand jury on March 14.

Officials are still working to return stolen items. If you ever bought anything from the Copher brothers, report it to the Sheriff's Office, it may have been stolen.

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