Active shooter drill to be held at Mercer County High School.

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HARRODSBURG, Ky. (WKYT) - Saturday morning, about nine different agencies in Mercer County will be participating in a mock active-shooter drill at Mercer County High School. They'll even go as far as to fire fake rounds inside the school's hallways to make it as realistic as possible.

"When you're involved in an actual situation when shots are being fired, it's a whole lot different than sitting around talking about it or watching it on tv," said Mercer County Sheriff Ernie Kelty.

Faculty for Mercer County Schools will be playing the role of teachers and students, as an intruder makes his way through the school.
Four separate 911 calls will go out and emergency personnel will respond as quickly as possible. The goal, to learn as much as possible from what is expected to be a very fluid situation, on top of what has been learned from recent tragedies like the shootings in Aurora and Newtown.

"This preparation started long before some of those incidents occurred. And this has been something that's been planned for a while. It has had an effect on some of the ways the planning went and how we were changing some tactics and things of that nature," said Lt. Chad Powell with Harrodsburg Police.

Along with staging the scene at the high school, they'll also have the emergency operations center set up here in town, again, to make this whole situation feel as real as possible.

Emergency Management officials said none of the 911 calls made for the drill will interfere with actual 911 calls.

Sheriff Ernie Kelty said all deputies and constables will be on hand to handle situations that come up in the county.

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