Device explodes at Lafayette; activities canceled at all other schools

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - We're tracking the investigation into an explosion on a Lexington high school campus. It happened Wednesday morning at Lafayette High School.

Fayette County School officials tell WKYT three homemade explosive devices were found behind Lafayette High School near the bus lot.

One homemade bomb, also known as a "Macgyver" bomb, self-detonated in front of the Music Department and authorities with the Hazardous Materials Squad deactivated the other two, which were located a few yards away near the edge of the parking lot.

The Lafayette Color Guard was in the parking lot practicing when the device exploded and describe it as sounding like a firework being set off.

"Everybody was just kind of startled and made eye contact with other people and they were like, 'Did you hear that? Did everybody hear that?," says instructor Danielle Marquardt. "It was frightening because you expect this to be a safe environment."

We're told school law enforcement and Lexington Police are now working together to investigate.

Student activities for Wednesday were canceled at all other Fayette County schools so that authorities could check for any possible devices. Thankfully, no additional devices have been found at other schools.

School officials say there was no threat or call made about the devices at Lafayette.

School officials say there are surveillance cameras in the area where the devices were found. Those will be part of the investigation.

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