Actress Lauren Bacall, 89, has died

Actress Lauren Bacall has died, at the age of 89. She rose to fame in Hollywood's Golden Age, and stole the heart of America's leading man.

Lauren Bacall became a star in her very first film, playing opposite Humphrey Bogart in "To Have and Have Not."

Bacall was born Betty Joan Perske. She was the daughter of Jewish immigrants and first cousin to Israel's Shimon Peres.

As a teenager she became a model and it was this picture that caught the eye of director Howard Hawks. He changed her name to Lauren - and her career took off.

Her film debut immediately made her one of Hollywood's leading ladies she also met her future husband.

Bacall was 19 when she met Bogart. He was 45.

While the couple continued making movies, they also started a family. But in 1957 Bogart died of cancer. Bacall said she never got over the loss.

She was briefly engaged to Frank Sinatra and later married Jason Robards. And she kept her career alive. She won Tony Awards for her Broadway performances in Applause and Woman of the Year. And got an Academy Award nomination for "The Mirror has Two Faces."

Bacall once worried her obituary would be all about Bogart. But stealing Bogie's heart was just the opening act in a career that lasted decades and made her one of the last of the stars of Hollywood's Golden Age.

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