After fire, Lincoln Co. schools to now begin August 13

LINCOLN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - After a devastating fire, the Lincoln County Board of Education now has a plan for how to move forward.

The fire Wednesday damaged much of the school board's building and forced the school district to delay the start of the school year.

As WKYT's Amber Philpott reports the board voted on a new start date and on how to get things back up and running.

Its an emergency meeting, to handle a huge situation.

Thursday night Lincoln County School Board chair Jim Kelley told those in attendance, "we've had a disaster."

That disaster was seeing part of the Lincoln County School Board Office Annex go up in flames. For some even a day later it's still emotional.

"I feel like everything that was part of my teaching, my teaching style, everything was in the classroom. To watch it burn in a matter of minutes was very heartbreaking," said Christalynn Hubble, a teacher who lost her classroom.

At the Thursday night meeting, a simple phrase on a card "hang in there" speaks to what this school system is doing.

"Its been unbelievable, its overwhelming to think about how people respond in such kind, courteous, thoughtful ways," said Karen Hatter the Lincoln County Superintendent.

Moving forward starts with getting students back in the classroom countywide, and that will happen August 13th. Thursday members of the community learned how other key issues would be addressed starting with paying for all the damage. The school had $159 million in insurance with an additional $5 million for cleanup.

Payroll will be taken care of with checks being printed Friday.
Modular units will be brought in to help with the Fort Logan School and the pre-school classes affected.
The school system's technology hub was destroyed, so servers for the school system will go back on line as early as next Wednesday to connect to central office.

With so much damage, a bit of hope in all the rubble Thursday.

"The area where the oldest records were actually did not burn," said Hatter.

A sign that not all is lost and this school system is well on its way to being back.

For now the Lincoln County Central Office will set up in the old Savings and Loan building in downtown Stanford. Central office staff will start the moving process on Friday.

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