After school director indicted for stealing $14,000 from program

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - The Franklin County Sheriff's office was quick to look into a case, last month, where a custodian was accused of stealing money from Westridge Elementary School.

"A custodian that was going into places she wasn't allowed to go and stealing or taking funds at that time," described Franklin County Sheriff Pat Melton.

In the case, detectives say they found the custodian, Angela Jones, on camera going into areas of the school and they say she had taken more than $100. She was indicted on a burglary charge.

"Very minimal amount, just a poor choice," added the Sheriff.

However, it was during that investigation that Sheriff Melton says his detectives found some things that didn't add up. They ran an audit and learned that money was missing from an after school day program. Before long, the spotlight was on the director, Angela Burris.

"The second investigation resulted in over $14,00 in checks and cash that were taken from the after school day care program."

The Sheriff says it appears the money was taken over the course of the year.

"You definitely don't want to steal money from kids," Sheriff Melton said after the discovery was made, his office took their findings to the Commonwealth Attorney, and then on to a grand jury where Burris was indicted for theft by unlawful taking.

Sheriff Melton said he's proud of his deputies and the work they put into cracking this case, and it all started because of a different case of missing money.

"Being slow and methodical uncovered another issue here that was a lot bigger than the original one that we were there for."

WKYT approached several parents outside the elementary, they declined to comment about the indictment on camera, but one mother said it was shocking and a disappointment to learn.

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